Love the characters in this series. This series was my first introduction to Judith Keim. She is now one of my favorites. Looking forward to reading more of her books.”

BREAKFAST AT THE BEACH HOUSE HOTEL is an easy, delightful read that offers romance, family relationships, and strong women learning to be stronger. Real life situations filter through the pages. Enjoy!”

LUNCH AT THE BEACH HOUSE HOTEL – “This series is such a joy to read. You feel you are actually living with them. Can’t wait to read the latest one.”

DINNER AT THE BEACH HOUSE HOTEL – “A Terrific Read! As usual, Judith Keim did it again. Enjoyed immensely. Continue writing such pleasantly reading books for all of us readers.”

CHRISTMAS AT THE BEACH HOUSE HOTEL – “Not Just Another Christmas Novel. This is book number four in the series and my introduction to Judith Keim’s writing. I wasn’t disappointed. The characters are dimensional and engaging. The plot is well crafted and advances at a pleasing pace. The Florida location is interesting and warming. It was a delight to read a romance novel with mature female protagonists. Ann and Rhoda have life experiences that enrich the story. It’s a clever book about friends and extended family. Buy copies for your book group pals and enjoy this seasonal read.”


This was an EXCELLENT series. When I discovered Judith Keim, I read all of her books back to back. I thoroughly enjoyed the women Keim has written about. They are believable and you want to just jump into their lives and be their friends! I can’t wait for any upcoming books!”

“I fell into Judith Keim’s Hartwell Women series and have read & enjoyed all of her books in every series. Each centers around a strong & interesting woman character and their family interaction. Good reads that leave you wanting more.”


“Excellent story line for each character, and an insightful representation of situations which deal with some of the contemporary issues women are faced with today.”

“I love this author’s books. Her characters and their lives are realistic. The power of women’s friendships is a common and beautiful theme that is threaded throughout this story.”


FINDING MEI thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series and cannot wait for the others! The characters are endearing with the same struggles we all encounter. The setting makes me feel like I am a guest at The Salty Key Inn…relaxed, happy & light-hearted! The men are yummy and the women strong. You can’t get better than that! Happy Reading!”

FINDING MY WAY“Loved the family dynamics as well as uncertain emotions of dating and falling in love. Appreciated the morals and strength of parenting throughout. Just couldn’t put this book down.”

FINDING LOVE – “I waited for this book because the first two was such good reads. This one didn’t disappoint…. Judith Keim always puts substance into her books. This book was no different, I learned about PTSD, accepting oneself, there is always going to be problems but stick it out and make it work. Just the way life is. In some ways a lot like my life. Judith is right, it needs another book and I will definitely be reading it. Hope you choose to read this series, you will get so much out of it.” 

FINDING FAMILY“Completing this series is like eating the last chip. Love Judith’s writing, and her female characters are always smart, strong, vulnerable to life and love experiences.”

“This was a refreshing book. Bringing the heart and soul of the family to us.


GOING HOME“I absolutely could not put this book down. Started at night and read late into the middle of the night. As a child of the ’60s, the Vietnam war was front and center so this resonated with me. All the characters in the book were so well developed that the reader felt like they were friends of the family.”

“I was completely immersed in this book, with the beautiful descriptive writing, and the authors’ way of bringing her characters to life. I felt like I was right inside her story.”  

COMING HOME“Coming Home is a winner. The characters are well-developed, nuanced and likable. Enjoyed the vineyard setting, learning about wine growing and seeing the challenges Cami faces in running and growing a business. I look forward to the next book in this series!”

“Coming Home was such a wonderful story. The author has such a gift for getting the reader right to the heart of things.”

HOME AT LAST – “In this wonderful conclusion, to a heartfelt and emotional trilogy set in Oregon’s stunning wine country, Judith Keim has tied up the Chandler Hill series with the perfect bow.”

“Overall, this is truly a wonderful addition to the Chandler Hill Inn series. Judith Keim definitely knows how to perfectly weave together a beautiful and heartfelt story.”

“The storyline has some beautiful scenes along with family drama. Judith Keim has created characters with interactions that are believable and some of the subjects the story deals with are poignant.”


A CHRISTMAS STAR“Love, laughter, sadness, great food, and hope for the future, all in one book. It doesn’t get any better than this stunning read.”

“A Christmas Star is a heartwarming Christmas story featuring endearing characters. So many Christmas books are set in snowbound places…it was a nice change to read a Christmas story that takes place on a warm sandy beach!”   Susan Peterson 

CHANGE OF HEART – “CHANGE OF HEART is the summer read we’ve all been waiting for. Judith Keim is a master at creating fascinating characters that are simply irresistible. Her stories leave you with a big smile on your face and a heart bursting with love.” 

~Kellie Coates Gilbert, author of the popular Sun Valley Series

A SUMMER OF SURPRISES“The story is filled with a roller coaster of emotions and self-discovery. Finding love again and rebuilding family relationships.”

“Ms. Keim uses this book as an amazing platform to show that with hard emotional work, belief in yourself and love, the scars of abuse can be conquered. It in no way preaches, it’s a lovely story with a happy ending.”

“The character development was excellent. I felt I knew these people my whole life. The story development was very well thought out I was drawn [in] from the beginning.”