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A Christmas Cruise Caper

Christmas magic can happen…

About the Book

Starr Snowden refuses to stay in her upstate New York hometown for Christmas where her ex-boyfriend and his new wife have recently announced she’s pregnant. Noah Jordan doesn’t want to spend another Boston Christmas with his mother coaxing him to marry Cynthia Withers, a woman he definitely doesn’t want for a wife. They both learn of a fantastic way to escape – by signing up for a FREE one-week Christmas Cruise for those who are willing to play the part of Santa Claus or one of his elves.
Aboard the ship, Starr and Noah meet and quickly become friends. When Noah‘s mother, brother and family, including his four-year-old nephews, surprise him by appearing on the cruise, Noah has no escape from his family’s plan for him but to ask Starr to fake being his girlfriend. As they enjoy all the pleasures and excursions of the cruise, Starr and Noah are drawn to each other. But with Starr living in New York and Noah in Boston, they know a relationship would never work. After saying goodbye, a near disaster happens, making them wonder if it could.


The Details

Published: Coming in February 2024
Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing LLC
Pages: 153 pages, Kindle Edition
Formats: Ebook

Genres & Tropes
Christmas Story; Holiday Romance, Christmas Romance, Women's Fiction, Clean Romance, Wholesome Romance, Contemporary