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Everyone knows I love my readers … To make it easy for you to listen to samples of my audio books, simply click on the Audios page. My audio books are listed there. Enjoy! The easiest way to find all the links to my books is through the Women’s Novels Tab at the top of the page. For just Amazon info, you can click on the picture of the cover of the book you’re interested in, rotating on the right side of the screen.

So excited to share that while readers are reading and loving Rose, they can pre-order A ROAD TRIP TO REMEMBER. It’s a Seashell Cottage book and one of my favorites to write! I think you’ll love Aggie and Blythe as much as I do! Release Date – April 20thth!!!   Book Cover and Blurb follow:

Blurb: Two Women on the Run

After agreeing to enter the New Life Assisted-Living Community outside of Boston, Agatha “Aggie” Robard talks her devoted, serious granddaughter, Blythe, into driving her to Florida, stopping to see old college friends along the way. She particularly needs to speak to Donovan Bailey, the man she’d thought she would marry right after graduating from college. By asking Blythe to go with her, Aggie is hoping to prove to her that life should be about having fun too. Their road trip is a great idea for both of them as long as Aggie’s son and his wife, Blythe’s difficult stepmother, don’t find out.
While the rest of the family is away on vacation, Aggie and Blythe set off on their secret adventure. All goes well until Aggie falls while dancing on the beach with Donovan, breaking a bone in her leg. Then Blythe’s father is seriously injured in an automobile accident. Blythe and Logan Pierce, Donovan’s young assistant, do their best to step in for them at The Robard Company working together, fighting the attraction they feel for one another.

The road trip brings about happy memories, surprises, and love as Aggie and Blythe meet others and discover new possibilities for everything they’ve ever wanted.


Exciting News!! The first book in my next series is now out on all sites – ebook and print. Audible and itunes will be available as release dates are met. Early readers are loving Rose. You’re going to love Rose, Lily, Willow, and Alec Thurston, the man they all love… I’m happy to announce that Lily and Willow are now up for pre-order. See the links under the Women’s Novel Tab…The Desert Sage Inn series.

A series for those who love stories about strong women facing challenges and finding love and happiness along the way.
Be sure to read the other upcoming books in the Desert Sage Inn series: Lily, Willow, and Mistletoe and Holly



After so many of you have begged for more books in the Beach House Hotel series, I’m pleased to tell you that MARGARITAS AT THE BEACH HOUSE HOTEL and DESSERT at THE BEACH HOUSE HOTEL have been added. MARGARITAS is up for pre-order now will be released June 24th. DESSERT will be released next year. Stay tuned. To Pre-order MARGARITAS AT THE BEACH HOUSE HOTEL, go to the Women’s Novels Tab at the top of the page, click on The Beach House Hotel series, and all the links for all the books will be there except for Dessert. Those links will be up later this year. 


More exciting news!

I and my fellow authors who’ve written the Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge series are thrilled to announce that additional books in the series will be released in November of this year. My story, CHRISTMAS CASTLES follows Hailey and Nick’s lives two years after Alyssa’s wedding. You don’t want to miss this! You can preorder now. Go to the Women’s Novel Tab, click on Soul Sisters series, then the links for all the books will appear. 


I have some very exciting news to share with you! Many of you might not know I’ve written a few middle-grade fantasy books which I put up some time ago but  have done nothing with them. We’ve now added new book covers and re-edited the books to present to you. Many of you readers enjoy my romantic women’s fiction books and might have a child, a grandchild, a neighbor, or some other youngster who would enjoy these fun stories. The book covers are below along with the blurb for The Hidden Moon. All the books are available on all sites. 

 Here’s the blurb for The Hidden Moon: A Box, a Genie, a Wish…what could go wrong?

Twelve-year-old Jack Coughlin and his younger brother, Collin, find a small wooden box that’s supposed to hold magic. Instead of flying to the Space Center in Florida like Jack wants, the genie-like figure inside mistakenly sends them and a friend to outer space. On the eerie hidden moon of Anron, where things are not what they seem–boys and girls can change shape and pears hanging from trees unfold into flying dragons that carry them into battle–Jack must figure out a way to get them all home safely. An exciting adventure story for middle-grade boys and girls!

Be sure to read the next books in the series: Return to the Hidden Moon, and Trouble on the Hidden Moon where more adventures await the boys and their two new moon friends, Nidar and Karna.





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